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Noura AlAshwali is a Saudi artist based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She graduated college in 2012 with a BA in graphic Design. For the following 10 years, Noura worked as a full-time and freelance graphic designer while practicing art & illustration through her personal projects.


AlAshwali's art practice dates back to when she was 4 years old, but she started exploring art as a career since 2016 through experimenting and learning from artists and art professionals. Noura took part of many art programs and courses, including The Ministry of Culture’s first art residency program (Al Balad), The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London, Misk Art Institute, and the Global AI Summit.


AlAshwali participated at several art exhibitions, including Misk Art Week, The Global AI Summit Art Gallery, and The Young Saudi Artist at Athr Gallery.


Noura uses digital illustration and natural mediums for her artistic expression. Through her art, she contemplates human emotions, memories, family, and culture.



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